Member Onboarding

Welcome to the new IWAG Website!

This page is intended for Existing Members Only and and you will required your Lab ID and Stats ID to use this form.

The new website has individual logins for up to 3 contacts for each of our member organisations. These 3 logins are main, lab and accounts contacts. If you only need 1 login simply leave the "Same as main contact" ticked for the Lab and Accounts contacts. You can begin setting up your organisation and inviting your additional contacts below.

1. Select Region

2. Organisation Details

Delivery Address for wine samples

3. Main Contact

The main contact will receive all the accounts related emails. They can also login and submit and edit testing data.
  •  Lowercase & Uppercase
  •  Number (0-9)
  •  Special Character (!@#$%^&*)
  •  Atleast 8 Character

4. Lab Contact

The Lab Contact will receive copies of all lab and testing related emails sent from IWAG. They will also receive an invite to login so they can submit testing data. We recommend using a generic "Lab" based email (e.g. if you have one.

5. Account Contact

The Account Contact will receive copies of all accounts related emails. They will also receive an invite so they can login to administer the account. But they can not submit or edit testing data.

6. General Information

Wines Types Tested

*Tell us about your company. Please include information such as the grape varieties processed, area, size, analytical capability and wine types produced (e.g. red, white, rose, sparkling, fortified, no/low alcohol). This helps us best meet the needs of our members.