How do we join?

If you would like to join the Interwinery Group, please complete the application below and email it  to our Membership Secretary.  The membership secretary will present your application to the committee to be ratified. If your membership is ratified by the committee you will receive an invoice for the membership fees.

When we have received your payment, you will receive a membership pack that includes:

  • your membership certificate and web access details
  • a copy of Patrick Ilands book "Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wines: techniques and concepts - 2nd edition"

You will also receive your box of samples. If you have joined part way through the membership year, you will be able to analysis previous samples from your set and download the corresponding analysis report at any time.

How much does it cost?

The cost of membership is AU$490 per year.
Domestic Membership: Includes freight and GST within Australia.
International Membership: If you are joining from a wine region outside of Australia you will need to pay the freight costs in addition to your membership fee. The cost is calculated when you complete your application form.


Chemical Analysis of Grapes and Wine 2nd Edition Join now and receive a free copy of "Techniques and methods for chemical, physical and sensory analyses and tests of grapes and wine"
by Iland, valued at $154



Select the class of membership.

  Select the membership class which best describes your organisation. You must complete the fields that are marked with an *. Please note that you will have a chance to preview your applications before it is finally processed.



A laboratory of a winery or wine packaging facility





A government or government affiliated institution or statutory body which is actively involved in
the analytical assessment of wine and wine related products





The representative of a laboratory which is involved in the analytical assessment of wine and
wine related products



Select region for freight costs.




If your country is outside these zones please contact us so that we can give you the correct freight information for
your location.

* USA freight to licensed importers only. Includes duties and taxes.



Member details


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 Postal Address









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 *Contact Name





General information


*Please provide information about your operation. For example, varieties processed, area, size, analytical capability. This provides the Committee with some background information and assists in the membership decision. Some of the general information is also published in the newsletter.



How did you hear about us?  


If other, please explain




Proceed to the next screen to review details.

  When you click the "Review details" button your completed application will be shown for your approval. If the form is completed to your satisfaction, use the submit button to send your application. You should print a copy of your application form for your records. An invoice and membership kit will be sent if your application is successful.